Professor Longhair honored

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Professor Longhair honored

Postby The Saint » Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:38 pm

I met Henry Roeland Byrd at a small club on Dauphine at Toulouse Streets about 1970. He wasn't there to play, he was there to sweep up, straighten out tables and chairs and open the doors for bands setting up for the night's entertainment. That was his little hustle. He just said his name was Byrd and laughed and joked with us, while we set up equipment, we were road trash. He commented on how quick, we worked and said the other bands always took too long to set up, and that cut into his card playing time and smoked cigarette after cigarette. I asked my partner who he was, because I knew I had seen him before but didn't know where or when. My podner was a few years older than me just smiled and said "that's Byrd"
We finished setting up and started testing everything. When we tested the Rhodes, he got interested and asked to try it out. That's when I realized that the man that opened the door for us and sweept the floors was "Fess". He was just going along living life after all his previous fame, being cool. Even in lean times.
I'm proud to say that people of my age group didn't allow that to stay the same and "Fess" re-emerged in the early 70's to play the prime gigs again in New Orleans and elsewhere again. And the music of Professor Longhair was again heard around the world. Now he receives some honors. ... 91249.html
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Re: Professor Longhair honored

Postby jeffl » Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:15 pm

Nice topic and nice execution of it! Good stuff.
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