Classic Piano bass lines vs. String Bass lines

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Classic Piano bass lines vs. String Bass lines

Postby jeffl » Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:45 am

For about 40 years I have played a moderate amount of keyboards,starting out as a chord jammer in dance bands in 8th and 9th grade,playing simple tunes by the Kinks,Dave Clark 5, Stones, Animals,etc.; when I started playin' some in blues/rock bands, I stayed away from heavy left hand parts, in order to keep outa the way of the bass player. I later learned some classic left hand piano lines and patterns, mostly for use when playin' alone or jammin' with single guitar players. Now, I'm finding that there are times I want my left hand to sound more like a bass guitar, using some dotted eighth note stuff,as well as other classic string bass phrasing, and I'm discovering how unusual it sounds on piano, giving a single piano more of a "band" sound. Any of you guys fool around with this kind of stuff, and know who has written of it, or deals with it....?
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Postby BadBoyJones » Wed Nov 08, 2006 7:29 pm

I think it all depends.
I started of with some boogie and simple Blues. Ofcourse for the boogish stuff I used the VeryWellKnown oscinato (or whatever you call it) and for the Blues (as I also played guitar) I played...The shuffle :wink: And I dont hear many piano players use it. Most people make up some basslines or use the walking bass.
Anyways, playing with a bass player isnt too hard for me. I just play single notes repeated with the beat or just play some chords. I learned to play piano by myself (I mean: MOST of it) so I'm not sure if thats correct but anyways, as far as it sound good I dont need to worry.

Btw. I yet cant play the walking bass :oops: Its what the bass players do for me :D
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