natural eq'ng of the harp

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natural eq'ng of the harp

Postby watertore » Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:43 pm

I have been experimenting with amplifying my harp rack via a bunch of different holders attached to my rack that would give a cupping effect. I am pretty much settled on a beer can cooler and an empty paper toilet roll. I put a $5 tie clip mic or a shure 57 in the cavities and run them to my princeton reverb. The main problem is the vocals bleeding into the harp mic which is heavily bassed and distorted. To bring up the level of the amplified harp to where I want makes the vocals distort. Also the acoustic sound of the compressed harp in the rack holder bleeds into the vocal mic. Yesterday I decided to turn the harp mic down to where I could barely hear it. What we have here is 98% acoustic harp sound from the paper towel roll and 2% of the amplified harp in the mix. Kind of a different sound. It definetely knocks some of the highs off the harp and adds to the mids. Recording with the same mic for the acoustic harp and vocals is a tough one to eq. The vocals like the highs and cut on the mids while the harp likes the highs cut way back and the mids boosted. To find a compromise for both is an ongoing tough eq puzzle. This session showed me other options - natural eq'ing. I like it! Walter

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