"Spiral Blues" new alternate tuning ?????

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"Spiral Blues" new alternate tuning ?????

Postby kniri » Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:27 pm

"Spiral Blues" alternate tuning for playing Blues

Scale: C, Eb, E, Gb, G, Ab, Bb, C.....etc...

C /E / G / Bb/C/ E/ G/ Bb/ C/ E -blow, Chord C7
Eb/Gb/Ab/C/Eb/Gb/Ab/C/ Eb/Gb -draw, Chord Ab7

D F -- B D F -- B D F bendings

The blow-notes on a C-Harp are the Chord C7: C, E, G und Bb.... etc..., Chord C7, like "the Bebop"-tuning
(Bb is a bluenote)
The draw-notes are the chord Ab7 : Ab, C, Eb und Gb.... etc...
(the bluenotes are Eb and Gb)
Ab and C for subdominant (F minor)
The bend-notes D, F , H are for the dominant(G7) und F is for the subdominant(F)

Does that tuning exist?
Is that a good idee?
I don't try it myself !
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