Thanks Big Daddy

A place to post harmonica tabs separately from harmonica discussion so it doesn’t get lost in the messages. To make it easy to search we suggest starting a new thread for each song posted and include the song name in your title. We’ll be able to make a nice archive if we keep tab here and discussion on the other forums.

Thanks Big Daddy

Postby Stefanie1 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 6:25 am

Yeah...In 2005 you send me the 3 cds with the harp lessons ...I was moving to another place and I lost the first one..So I never really used them...Anyway I never really had the chance to thank you so I do it now...Thanks Big Daddy...Greetings from Stefanie...In a way I'm starting from zero again but in another way I'm rather good already in freestyling people say (who don't know too much bout the harp ,but they like what they hear)
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