A place to post harmonica tabs separately from harmonica discussion so it doesn’t get lost in the messages. To make it easy to search we suggest starting a new thread for each song posted and include the song name in your title. We’ll be able to make a nice archive if we keep tab here and discussion on the other forums.


Postby ferretfox » Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:29 am

Check this out harp lovers!
HarmonicaSpace, the world's fastest growing social network for Harmonica Players, announces the websites release to the public. Today's announcement underscores HarmonicaSpaces commitment to fostering accessible education and promoting musical growth through an increasingly social Web.

"HarmonicaSpace was built with the goal of connecting harmonica players of all musical styles and providing the tools to learn and grow" said Brady Mills, Chief Executive Officer of Brady Mills Graphics and founder of HarmonicaSpace. "The aim of this site is to connect all the various educational resources for Harmonica available on the Internet, further the bond of the harmonica community, and provide the tools to continue the growth of the instrument on a global platform."

"As the site grows and gains popularity, HarmonicaSpace will add additional educational resources including video tutorials" said Mills. "We're thrilled to present this exciting new tool to the harmonica community. This new venture is extremely exciting for us and we are very happy with the response we have received during our Soft Launch and look forward to the growth of the site." The launch of HarmonicaSpace is the first release of a social network of its type directly themed at the harmonica and its players.

HarmonicaSpace has created a globally interactive community. HarmonicaSpace is the only site of its kind for harmonica players and is committed to providing the highest quality user experience. HarmonicaSpace will continue to evolve, adding more new features that allow its members to express their creativity, knowledge and experience and share their lives, both online and off.
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