Spann / Lockwood obsession

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Spann / Lockwood obsession

Postby Diabetes Jackson » Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:18 pm

I'm pretty sure I need some professional help, but the only music I ever want to listen to lately are the two albums Otis Spann cut with Robert Lockwood, Walking The Blues and Otis Spann Is The Blues. I own these both on vinyl (in the case of Is the Blues, an original copy AND a 180g reissue) and I have a few questions --

I'm looking for nerdy information about these recording dates (both recorded in 1960, even though Walking The Blues was released a decade later, iirc) - what gear was used, what were the circumstances, etc. Does anyone have a CD version? I'd buy a CD version if the booklet went into these sorts of details (what amp was used, etc). I realize how geeky this is, but, longshot or not, still really wanna know - I'm sure some of you can relate.

My other question is - can anyone recommend any further 'duo' type situations like this? I just love being able to pick out who's doing what, as opposed to full band dates (not that I don't love full band albums). Something truly intoxicating about Lockwood's jazzy, tasteful runs and Otis's brilliant piano playing...I need more!!

How's that Muddy / Otis live Collaboration album from '58? I hear the sound quality is bad but that's never stopped me before...
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Re: Spann / Lockwood obsession

Postby LesFromChicago » Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:51 pm

Hey DJ,
Cannot say what all albumms these may be on, but form your post I'm guessing you might like 2 tracks by Memphis Minnie, one is the older version of Me and My Chauffeur (not the one with Little Walter et al -even tho THAT is one of my faves) , the other is (In My Cabin) Down by the Riverside.
I think you will like the interplay between the 2 guitars and the singer.
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