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blues on the periphery

Postby jeffcobb » Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:05 pm

Blues is a funny thing. Most folks would not go to a blues show yet lets see a show of hands of those who see a bar scene in a movie/show/whatever and there isn't some kind of blues coming out of the jukebox? While not up-front, it seems blues has been on the periphery forever. Two quick examples of this are Early Edition, a show from the nineties that was OK by itself but everytime it shot a scene at the hero's home, a bar called McGintys in Chicago, there was always the tastiest blues playing in the background. And who hasn't seen the violent vampire kill-fest From Dusk Till Dawn? Whatever you think of the movie, the soundtrack totally rocks (the blues). Lots of SRV, even a nice Dengue Woman Blues by Jimmy Vaughan and it is like the blues is the biggest success that no one wants to admit but if it is missing the whole show or movie seems "wrong"....Image
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