Nashville Blues?

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Nashville Blues?

Postby Honeyboy » Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:25 pm

Just went up to Nashville this past weekend. I was dropping my daughter off at MTSU where she's going to be going to school.

Anyway, I went into Nashville for the first time and was pretty blown away. It was a Sunday afternoon, and down on Broadway near the Ryman, there were clubs galore, all with a live band playing. There must have been 30 bands all gigging on a Sunday afternoon.

Now most bands were playing country music but a few had some blues goin on. And it made me wonder...

Is there a blues scene in Nashville? Do great players go there to find work and record?

I will be going back so I want to know if there are some great blues clubs or places to find the best players.

Thanks for your help... y'all... :wink:
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