Charlie Musselwhite at Fargo Blues Fest

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Charlie Musselwhite at Fargo Blues Fest

Postby jeffl » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:20 pm

I spent the weekend at the Fargo ( No.Dak.,US) Blues Fest, which Charlie Musselwhite & Walter Trout headlined.
Charlie was unbelievable! I did notice that he plays in some unusual harp positions (not just straight and crossharp) and it results in him running through some notes that I think would be better served by using 2nd position. If he wasn't such an icon, he would probably get criticized heavily for that apparent "faux pax".
Walter Trout is still suffering from 2 broken ribs that he got about 2 weeks ago in a fall at the seashore. He sat on a chair for half the set, but played like the virtuoso he is, and he connected very intimately with the crowd. He's become an "elder statesman" of the blues, imo.
I got to play a couple tunes on harp with the Daddy Mack band (Memphis) at the after hours jam. Nobody else wanted to play, so what the.... I didn't play particularly well, partly due to the fact that they tried to set me up by playing "Green Onions", which seemed like an odd choice. I had fun though.
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