New here:playing for a living?

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New here:playing for a living?

Postby panhead201 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:03 am

Just signed up.I find myself with time on my hands.Broke my arm.I've read a few forums,this one seems to be about music!!I did it for a living,from the 60,s to the late eighties.I made a lotta money and spent it even faster.Then I married the love of my life,and she was even better at spending it.It's kinda like playing baseball for a living.I used to stand up there and think"I can't believe somebody's paying me to have fun".And nobody was throwing a hundred mph fastball at my head.A lot of forums are about rigs and gear,and the tonal pallette.Jeez,they might as well been speaking chinese.I user to plug an old Les Paul or 335 into a good amp and have at it.The tonal tools I had at my disposal were 4knobs and a 3 way toggle switch.I somehow survived.I'm not knocking anybody,I'm glad they're interested in it and keeping it alive,sort of.In reading those other forums I never realized how many amp co,s there were.And pedals.I did'nt bother to analyze anything when I played.When I was in a lousy mood or depressed I played better....Anyway,keep playing,have fun.
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