Buck Wylde from Sanctuary Blues Band SC

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Buck Wylde from Sanctuary Blues Band SC

Postby BuckWylde » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:41 am

Hey guys,
I'm Buck Wylde. Harp player in front of The Sanctuary Blues Band in Columbia, South Carolina. I love playing Rocking, Soulful, and Spiritual Blues. We play in Restaurants, music halls, some bars, and some churches. I'm a rockus, cross-harp kinda guy. Currently, I seemed to be addicted to the procurement of old tube PA amps to mod for the best harp tone I can find. I started this process by having my Fender Blues Jr modded in a highly expert way to allow less feedback and better adjustment toward quality harp tone. From there I bought and modded a Sears Silvertone 1483 (22 watts), and a 15 watt Bogen. Now I've grabbed a couple more 15 watt PA heads; a Knight 14s and a Stromberg-Carlson AU42.... can't stop :-) Paralleling this experience was the addiction to harp mics. I started with a cheap thin shell with a Shure CM element in it..... not bad but ....... I had an opportunity to try many harp mics at the home of a local harp and technical guru. He had a "chair full" of JT-30s with a huge variety of the best elements you could imagine: black label CRs, White label CRs, CMs, Crystals, and others (all with volume controls of course). I ended up with a JT-30 shell with an incredibly sweet Shure Black label Controlled Reluctance element.... He did not want me to leave with it.... but I did. After that I ordered an extremely "tricked out" Turner chopped BX shell with great black label element from Chuck G ..... heap-o-money but great tone. I also explored my way through some great pedals to take my tone to some great places. So most of what I'm sayn is that I love the blues and I'm crazy about any possibility of any unique equipment finds where "killer tone" might seem within grasp. I get so deep into this stuff ... and I love it. Talk soon, Buck Wylde
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