New guy from S.E. Michigan checking in

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New guy from S.E. Michigan checking in

Postby cyclodan » Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:28 am

I've been lurking about for a while so I figured it's time to join in. First off, I'm a semi-retired guy who did my "thirty to life" in the auto industry and am now employed part time in the bicycle biz. I live near Ann Arbor, Mi...great town for music (and bikes). I used to go to the Blues and Jazz festivals back in the early '70s and have seen a lot of great music around here since.
A buddy showed me how to bend and play cross harp when I was 17 and I just mimicked stuff I heard and played a bit in local bands, handling lead vocals mostly and the harmonica was not as much a focal point. It wasn't too difficult to copy Yardbirds, Stones etc.
Then I saw Peter "Madcat" Ruth and my little mind was blown, figured I may as well just hang up my harps!
Well in fact I did, when family, work, bikes and what have you began to take up all my time.
So now here I am 59 years old and have gotten into jamming with some of my old band mates from back in the day, another band of "kids" half my age and another guitar player where we do a duo act.
For the first time I am taking the harmonica seriously, practicing, picking up stuff from the various you tubers (thanks Jason Ricci and Adam Gussow!!) and acquiring some gear (just bought a little 10 watt '51 Gibson BR-6F!). i have also just picked up a Jazz Bass copy and begun to mess around with the bass guitar.
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