Jimmie Vaughan

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Jimmie Vaughan

Postby gatorblue » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:16 pm

Jimmie Vaughan plays Blues, Ballads, and Favorites

For those of you who grew up in the 50s and 60s like me, this is a very tasty CD. We had a great mix of blues, R&B and early rock blasting out of the AM radio in the car and out of the speaker at the drive-in before the show--great 3 minutes songs with guitars, sax, vocals and rhythm section.

Jimmie does it right with a live studio recording that is not over-rehearsed nor over-produced. Lou Ann Barton adds her country blues twang on a couple of tracks and Bill Willis' Hammond B-3 slips in on a few songs. (You may remember Bill from James Brown and Bill Doggett's bands.)

The songs are mainly covers of often obscure songs from great songwriters from that era--Little Richard, Roy Milton, Jimmy Reed. Vaughan and company deliver in spades with a lean, live sound that is true to the spirit and groove of the era.

It's a CD that you like better every time you hear it. I've often said that Jimmie has the biggest balls in the blues world and he proves it again by going his own way without the slightest concern about what's the current cool thing. His retro style, heart-felt delivery, and Eddie Taylor-like playing reminds me of that era, and the songs are performed with fun and a deep respect for his influences.

Put it on, crack a beer and lean back for the ride.

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