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Mississippi Gabe Carter

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:29 pm
by LesFromChicago
Yesterday on my way home from work as I descended the stairs into the Monroe/ Dearborn Blue Line subway station began to hear a sound of music that fiercely grabbed me.
When I got down to the platform I see the source, 2 young men, one playing drums and the other singing and playing a vintage KAY electric guitar.
I was so entranced by the music that I let 2 trains go by without me just so I could continue listening.
The singer/guitarist was Mississippi Gabe Carter and man did he sound good.
When he finished 2 songs, first unknown to me, the second Wade In The Water, I dropped a couple of dollars into the tip jar, and chatted a bit. They had a little pile of homegrown CDs on the floor. I asked did the CDs have the same sounds as I was hearing and asked how much and Gabe said 10 dollars. I balked at that. We chatted a little more. He says What you got? We’ll go with 5. I looked in my wallet again and there was a ten but no five so I shook my head and stepped back. Then He started playing and singing another gospel number, that really carried me way back to the old westside storefront churches and I was hooked. I grabbed up one of the CDs and dropped the ten. When I got home later and listened at the music it was not like what I heard in the subway but yet and still worth the ten bucks.
Now I am very interested to check out his website to hear more of his music and maybe even buy another CD (hopefully more studio quality than the one I bought in the subway). They said they are booked at House of Blues, on December 13th I think. I’ll pass on House of Blues (been there and did not enjoy the venue). But I will keep an eye out for him at other Chicago venues.

Seems like to me His style 80% Mississippi Hill Country spiced with 1960s Chicago Westside and Texas styles. His singing is superb.

I highly recommend this dude. His web site is