What is the state of the blues in London, England?

What about the blues club(s) in your area? Any worth visiting? Blues festivals or events?

What is the state of the blues in London, England?

Postby Singemonkey » Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:04 pm

*I put in the "..., England," because I once got asked by a Canadian when I said I lived in London: "London, Ontario?" "Nope. London, England." :P

I lived in London from '98 to 2000 and I didn't know the blues then like I do now. But I do remember passing by a venue in Wimbledon and hearing a harp just wailing with a huge backing roar. Wished I'd taken advantage then. I did see John Mayall and Peter Green at the Barbican (I barely knew who Peter Green was at the time O_o).

So there's a small possibility that I might live in London again in the next two years for a while (I'm a South African back home in Cape Town) and I wondered whether anything was going on there. I've seen a couple of kids on youtube who are obviously really influenced by Green/Clapton/Taylor and I wondered if that manifests as anything exciting in live performance. Or old hands keeping it going. What's the scene like?
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