Places in Town

What about the blues club(s) in your area? Any worth visiting? Blues festivals or events?

Places in Town

Postby Crooked Mat » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:28 pm

Hi,I'm Matteo and this is my first post..there are so many news around town.
There is this bar here near my house.. it is perfect. it is quiet, it has 2 room perfect for a gig.. but I don't have a band here in town, I play outside the town and I cannot organize gigs in this place.
There is a second place, the Joice Pub, it was closed the last year and now somebody has bought the place so this winter it will reopen and I finally have a pub almost near my house. They used to play there last year and who knows if I can play there this year. I'm going to play in a new band, they where looking for a blues bassist and this guy called me, he is a 50 years old man with a alphabet of 15-16 letters.. I couldn't understand everything he told on the phone.
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