Hohner announces yet another price increase

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Hohner announces yet another price increase

Postby pappyj » Thu Jul 05, 2007 2:34 pm

Hi All,
I just wanted to let you know that we just received notice of another
price increase by Hohner due to take effect on July 15th. They didn't
give us much notice this time, and the increases look to be substantial
for many products, but a few will remain the same, mostly the ones
produced in China. We will be accepting orders at the old prices until
Friday, July 13th, but will have to institute the increase then since
anything we order after that will be at the new prices. Here is the
notice I received from Hohner:

"Being faced with both increased manufacturing costs and a weak U.S.
dollar, we have no alternative but to put through a price increase
effective July 15th, 2007. Many items are remaining unchanged, but some
have been raised substantially.

We have stock on hand and will enter all orders received before Monday,
July 16th at the current price. Any backorders will be filled when

Given that they just had a price increase in November of 2006 this
seems to us to be too soon and too much, but we don't have a say.

We have not worked out our new pricing yet, which is typically between
60%-70% of "suggested retail price" depending on model, but for a few

The Special 20 current "suggested retail" is $31.95, the new "suggested
retail" is $36.95.

The 270 chromatic current "suggested retail" is $139.95, the new
"suggested retail" is $167.95.

Interestingly the CX-12 Black chromatic will not increase, but the
CX-12 Gold will. The new Marine Band Deluxe will remain the same, but
the 270 Deluxe will increase. Others that will not increase seem to be
mostly the lower priced Asian made models.
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