FAQ: How can I donate money to support bigroadblues.com

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FAQ: How can I donate money to support bigroadblues.com

Postby rustyslide » Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:09 pm

This has come up recently, so I thought I'd address it.

Since bigroadblues is just piggy-backing on my hosting plan, we don't have to pay anything extra for it, aside from the domain name fee, which is $9.95/year with my web hosts.

The easiest way (for me) for that cost to be covered, is that if anyone needs webhosting, they check out Dreamhost. When you sign up, if you enter the promo code "BIGROADBLUES", you'll save $50, and I'll get $47 credited to my account (out of which I pay for the hosting and the domain name).


That means if one forum member buys a hosting plan every 4 years, it won't cost me anything to host the site (over what I already pay to host my own site, which isn't going to stop).
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