Neckstick/tailblock relationship

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Neckstick/tailblock relationship

Postby singlecoil » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:48 pm

Hello all, I'm a newbie here and a longtime player but first time reso owner. I bought a rogue bell brass round neck and I love it but have a few questions about it. It has a small gap between the neckstick and the tailblock, and after quite a few searches on the forum, I'm getting conflicting advice on the issue. Most post have said to shim a hard wood piece to make it ridgid but I also saw where the gentleman from Republic Guitars has said the gap is supposed to be there and thats how the old Nationals were also. I'm having a blast working on this thing and have gotten the setup pretty good after a few tries but I intend to upgrade the cone to a new NHR and am thinking about a carbon fiber biscuit and saddle. While I have it apart would be the time to take care of the gap but I'm not sure if it is necessary or not from the research. Anyone have a definitive answer on the gap question and opinions on the carbon fiber biscuit would also be appreciated?
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