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Sleep Walk Specifically Written for Guitar

PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2015 9:36 pm
by Slacker G
I played this version of Sleep Walk for many years during my gigging days. I wrote and arranged it for standard guitar since I liked the song so much. The rest of the band used to take early breaks and would leave me on the bandstand by myself to play finger style instrumentals while they enjoyed a long break and relaxed. That gave me reason to learn a lot of new songs.

My version of Sleep Walk has a "music box" feel to it This version is simple enough for most to learn if you enjoy it. This was recorded direct into a my first DAW using a Zoom G2 for a pre amp. It may have a smidge of reverb on it but that is about all. It wasn't edited just played straight through, so there is an occasional "bump" but nothing too distracting.

I come here occasionally but seldom see many new posts. Where did all the people go? It was really busy when I first joined. Sad since this was a real friendly place.

Re: Sleep Walk Specifically Written for Guitar

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 3:44 pm
by LesFromChicago
That sounds very pretty.

In the comments you said the original might be hardly recognizable, but no issue for me as this is my first expeosure to a songe named Sleep Walk. Also you said it might sound like a music box version, again that reference is lost on me, unless you mean literally an old time wind-up music box.

In any case your Almost Sleeep Walk does have a pretty sound to it.

Far as it being quiet around here on BRB, It has been that way a long time now, and it seems to have gotten worse that last few weeks.

Re: Sleep Walk Specifically Written for Guitar

PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2015 5:04 am
by Slacker G

Thanks for the comment and listening. The original was played on steel guitar by Santo and Johny (Sleep Walk) Some parts remind me of the sounds of a music box. I used to really like listening to them as a kid. They most usually had trailing notes in between the melody notes, somewhat to playing a chord one note at a time with slow equal spacing. I am sure there is a Santo and Johny video out there.

A really busy musician site I used to hang out at has gone to a couple posts a year in the music section. The rest of it is about as slow. Job climate and all I think people are more worried about surviving than posting.