bLuEs on the eDgE #4 WTF am I doing here????

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bLuEs on the eDgE #4 WTF am I doing here????

Postby Clifford D » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:57 pm

I'm new here and not really sure what you all like to talk about.
So I thought why not toss out some of my blues ideas I've cultivated in my 48 yrs of playing.
It could be a good way to get to know me and what blues is for me.

I like to push the envelope, if it's simple unpolished digging I want to get into what makes it so rough and "dirty" the slightly out of tune or should I say the in tune rubbing against t the out

I want to talk about what blues can be, not just what it has been.

For example, the fricken guitar is tuned to "equal temperment" that means it's ever so slightly out of tune. Big chords sound slightly clangy compared to a horn section playing the same chord. We are bound by our fixed frets. But we can bend and bending (grease) makes the whole blues (expressive thing) happen. At least that's been my experience. Piano blues can leave me feeling somethings missing, and it is,, all those micro bends and tonal smears. We get to play with pitch much more than any keyboard player, and a pitch wheel is no great equalizer for the bend string.
Guitar is special for blues.

I want to talk about these differences in "equal temperment" vs "just intonation"
These are fasinating topics, I mean just listen to Albert King lol. Great stuff
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