Squire Classic Vintage 60's Stratocaster Rebuild

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Squire Classic Vintage 60's Stratocaster Rebuild

Postby skeetercaster » Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:52 pm

Hi GUYS, thought I would share my experience with my rebuild with my friends at BRB forum.It started out with a badly damaged sunburst finish, broken trem bar, Squire CV 60's Stratocaster,that I purchased from a pawnshop for 75 bucks.After losing several nights of sleep trying to decide what to do with it,I made the decision to take it apart and try to re-finish it,after stripping it down with paint/laquor stripper and massive amounts of sanding, I found some really nice Alder wood,so I stripped the neck down to bare maple, same finding nice piece of wood.Well to make a long story short, I went a little overboard on the project, the only original parts are the body, neck,tuners, jack plate and pick guard

2010 Squire Classic Vintage 60's Statocaster Rebuild
Alder body/ Maple neck/Rosewood Fretboard, hand finished with Tung-Oil
Fender Vintage 60's Temolo Bridge
Fender 250k Potentometers
Fender 5- Way switch
Sprague, .22uf Orange Drop Capacitor
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Pick-ups
Schaller Strap locks
Dimarzio Shielding Tape

SHE, sounds much better than my other 3 American made Fender Strats, So shes now number one,and I waiting with soldering iron in hand on orange drops for the other three,this was my test guitar to see If I could do it, I learned alot from this project, how to set up a trem equipped guitar,what the truss rod does, intonation...
Finished Squire Project 001.JPG
stripping the front of the body, 3rd application 001.JPG
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Re: Squire Classic Vintage 60's Stratocaster Rebuild

Postby Buffalo_Bill » Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:17 am

Nice color combo between the pickguard and the alder wood treated with tung oil.
You have a very nice guitar now.
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