9/11 with the church band

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9/11 with the church band

Postby 1armbandit » Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:20 pm

Saturday the 11th the group from church got together and played for a local town carnival. Two guitars, piano (electric), djembe and extra vocals.
The worship leader planned it but couldn't get there by the start time so I had to do the set up. We were settting up on a farm trailer parked on the street. The cops had the block closed off and the merchants blocked the drives from the alley so I guess they thought we would carry everything a block and then carry it back when we were done.
I just drove across the Post Office lawn and backed up to the trailer.
We started setting up mic stands, piano stands, guitar stands, .... you know the drill. I had most of the mics and my guitar set up when people at the other end of the trailer started yelling, seems my drummer /sound man fell through a bad plank in the trailer and bunged up his leg. He went off to nurse his wounds and I went on setting up.
Finally got everything up. Did I mention the new piano stand came with some assembly required? The leader showed up, the drummer got back (no broken leg) and we got started.
We dropped a couple of songs off our first set because of the late start and brought up a couple of folks from other churchs, then started our second set. Just about 4/5 through our second set the circuit breaker on my powered mixer popped.
No shade. Deffinatly overloaded. It is a Traynor 6400 made in '72 or around that. Cooled it down and gave it some shade and went on.
Had a couple more folks come up then our last set. Popped again. Reset and got one more song and called it quits. Some guys were rapping up thier ATV's about 50' away, they thought it was pretty funny. Cops standing near by must have thought so to. They strolled off the other way.
Oh some locals came by and said they would need to borrow our sound for a couple of hours to broadcast a parade. It may be old but it's going home with me!

Probably sounds like a rant but we had a pretty good time. Lots of good comments about the sound. We did sound good. Hey I have to be honest.

Just thought I'd throw something on to fill space. It's pretty dead around here lately.

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