Buddies to play with?

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Buddies to play with?

Postby Gary » Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:06 am

Hey there,

I first started playing guitar when I was 13 years old. Was trained to barely much basics, the only thing I really knew was palm muting, hammer ons and pull offs, power chords maybe 4 chords at most (E, A , D and G) and that chugging and trying to play lightning speed. I knew kids that could do all the hand tapping stuff, and the super speed and thought they were the greatest thing on Earth on the count of it. I didn't tend to play with many kids cause it was a matter of "you suck" and the negative criticisms you don't need to play guitar. I never thought of picking up my guitar and playing it to be so heavily distorted and loud and super fast. In times I tended to play my best when i had bad days, the guitar I could push everything out of, and that was much better than giving into anger and doing dumb things.

To my luck, I had one friend I grew up with since I was a little bitty fella down to 10 years old. We learned how to play at the same time, and I'd say he was more dedicated than me, but we would learn off one another. Nothing beats playing with a friend and just having FUN and not caring about anything else in the world or who's better or who's doing what wrong, we were playing wrong most the time but it was down right fun. :lol: That friend of mine has sadly joined the military, and has been off for the last 2 years. I have not played with anyone since then.

When I first started getting into Blues and learning shuffle patterns and playing along to records just having fun, I sometimes thought of my friend, like 'gee maybe he would get a kick out of this chord, or lick'. I have played along to a handful of my favorite Blues records, mostly sticking to a handful of songs I really like the most. A handful of times I've picked through some Jazz records and played along like I was trying to solo the Saxaphone or Trumpet. But it would be much more fun with a friend or someone to bounce ideas off and feed from creativity.

I've limited myself socially for years, which comes with it's ups and downs, but I ask where do you find people to play with? I could use a better social life anyway to escape blue conditions :lol:
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