Jason Ricci Arrested For Theft

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Re: Jason Ricci Arrested For Theft

Postby MakaInOz » Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:22 am

One document I downloaded a fair while back and have used with all my kids is called "STAY IN COLLEGE - A brief guide to proactive, mid level, success in the music business for most bands".

It's been really useful in pointing out to my kids the differences between the romantic notion of being a muso and the realities involved being a professional muso. It was written by Jason Ricci.

I wish him success in dealing with his difficult times. He is a spectacular harmonica player, and there's been a few of those hit some difficult times over the last century!
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Re: Jason Ricci Arrested For Theft

Postby goldbrick » Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:36 pm

I don't doubt he may have done it and I am not all that familiar with his music. I 'm just saying its up to the judge and jury-'til than its alleged
Guess I am just of the generation that questions authority. :wink:

Biggest crime might just be passing thru Indiana-what a crappy state.
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Re: Jason Ricci Arrested For Theft

Postby bluesieblue » Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:52 am

Jason Ricci - Mugshot (note the straight jacket)

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Re: Jason Ricci Arrested For Theft

Postby jos » Tue Dec 20, 2011 6:39 pm

does anybody know jason is in prison and in which prison ?
i would like to write him a letter.
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