Friends that can't play

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Re: Friends that can't play

Postby jeffl » Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:36 pm

Yeah, that differentiation is where the problem occurs, but these people know that we're a jam group that occasionally gigs, and they've seen our inter-workings. It is an unusual format-- real unsual, 'cuz it's a closed jam with occasional guests that have to meet the approval of the rest of the guys.

It's not a snob group ( I don't THINK...); it's a format where guys can bring originals that we help them refine, and bring new covers that we try out, and get back to 'em later. It's a bunch of serious musicians who take a jam band approach to the music.

I think it's hard for people to understand-- those who haven't made music a huge part of their lives: these perimeter players don't practice, don't work up tunes, and don't worry about comin' up with good parts that fit the music. We still love 'em though.
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Re: Friends that can't play

Postby Slacker G » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:10 pm

You could always start a bit early and call that a rehearsal or Band practice, and then have an open jam when you are through working out the material that you may wish to use at a gig. That way you might make both classes of musicians happy.
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